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This is, of course, a bit of holiday-themed hyperbole, but the fact remains that the basic premise of has become so engrained in our culture that it would seem near impossible to imagine a time prior to its existence.

She so doesn't want to hurt Carter, but oh, she so doesn't want to be in a relationship with him either.

Carter stands by and offers commentary, barely snarky, I-know-it's-a-script asides that make him seem both too cute and too smug, just like his movie., anchoring the ten new tracks with retro synths and guitar fuzz freakouts.

"Machine" is the delicious outlier and the most vitriolic cut on the record, with Faris Badwan belting out accusations to the song's subject, who may even be us.

Carter makes feeble efforts to mollify, then argue with, her worries, but she knows better, instructing him as to procedure when he finds her dead -- as he inevitably will.

In the meantime, he wears his high school t-shirts (Dylan, Zep, Genesis), makes a couple of meals for Phyllis, looks perplexed by the sheer numbers of pills she's supposed to take, and tries to keep quiet the intermittent phone call from his director back in L. As Carter pays rent by writing "premium softcore porn," he tries to hide this from his grandmother, telling her he writes children's books instead.

Burton released one of the most interesting records of that year.

Opening this Friday is the first feature from Jonathon Kasdan and it’s called In the Land of Women. It was the easiest job I’ve ever gotten in terms of I didn’t have to do anything.

The concept of alienation is nothing new, but here the Brits incorporate a beautiful metaphor of an insect trapped in amber as an illustration of the human caught within modernity.

Whether our trappings are technological, psychological, or something else entirely makes the statement all the more chilling.

It appears that he'll have to move out of this land, move on to the land of his own imagining, before he'll know.

While he endures the usual sorts of soap touchstones, they're all someone else's -- disease, adultery, teenage crush, death, rain on cue, and a loutish quarterback (this would be Lucy's completely unconvincing boyfriend -- she's not nearly established to be this lunkhead's girlfriend).

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