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They have referred me to an incompetent company called Creditworx debt collection for monies that were paid long time ago. Good day, Pharmacy Diect delivered my medication x 3 months supply, the medication is changed, this ok d by doctor.

They are now stocking me as from July 2017 saying I am owing them monies dating back to 2001 and or 2012.I wait patiently and still received mail that it was not changed. Hi there I try to solve this account for nearly 1 year now. There was no response for another two weeks I called again the consultant I spoke and said there were no attachments, I then requested to speak to...I want to know why the medical aid did not paid the acc. Good day, First off all they steal your money out of you bank account when you cancel the policy, they ignore emails then someone answers and lie and cheat, they took money out of my account without signing up etc, upon telling them to cancel it, they say they will refund and put in writing when etc, and then nothing happens, when you phone them each one in the call center has a different answer, they all a bunch of bullshitters, it is the worst service I have ever experienced in my 43yrs,...My youngest daughter was taken in to emergancy for broncospasm on saterday evening after she could not breath earlier the day and the paramedics nubulized her at the school.Then i took her to my gp and gave her the medisine he pridcribed she started vomating later and her eys and face swole up.In August Bestmed to a debit order on my name from my private account without my permission 3 mounths later.

I am trying to get a letter from Bestmed for a wail with no response I just ask for a letter on a letterhead to say my...Up until today i phoned them and its over a month now!!!Please help becauae i urgently need to sort out my tax!! In March 2015 I lodged a complaint against Medshield at the medical board for not allowing a medical procedure for my son in June the contacted me and informed me that they want to send my son to another doctor for a second opinion at their costs I agreed and they made an appointment firstly they made the appointment with a doctor in Pretoria and I stay in Johannesburg and secondly they made the appointment with a orthopedic surgion where my sons doctor is a neuro surgion surely apples needs...First i asked them to amend the selected scheme to a lower and affordable one. So what's the use of paying a medical aid if you can't get help when you need it. It baffles me how a medical-aid can refuse payment for a chronic, degenerative condition where x-rays clearly indicate the osteo-arthritis in the joint,can be considered a 'non-pmb' condition.I had to submit endless documentation, I had to call and email 2/3 times a day, I was still ignored and told it will take some time. Bonitas also decided not to oay for 1 day in hospital stay while their authorisation quite clearly indicated 7 days. I submitted my forms by email for reinstatement of my Dependets that I renew every year as my dependent because they are over 21years of age. I enquired 13th of June about the status of my request the consultant that I spoke to said nothing was received on the same day I resent forwarding the same email.In addition we had to make ridiculous co-payments because the benefits of this medical aid was insufficient. I Have been with Audi Center Springs For four years and left the company. The new company Auto Alpina medical aid is Discovery.