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Again, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be married. As said earlier, God made Eve for Adam, know-what-I-mean? But meanwhile, I believe single women should pursue their own talents, goals, hopes, and dreams outside of marriage. A women is not supposed to find her identity in her husband, and it’s my personal opinion that marriage is not a “calling.” Find your calling now. Pursue your dreams and put your skills and god-given talents to work.A woman is supposed to find her identity in God, not in a man. I think that a guy would be more attracted to a girl who is doing her own thing more so than a girl who is sitting around waiting to be married.

If I do meet someone, it might as well be at an outreach or other similar activity because that lets me know we share a common interest, because I intend to continue attending outreaches and being involved in Christian hip-hop events long after I’m married.

If you are single and in a season of “waiting” in your life right now, I pray you are encouraged by this post also!

I’ve come to realize this truth more and more as time marches on.

The couples often discovered they had had different visions and weren’t very compatible at all.

And worst of all, most of them realized they weren’t in love. But just as serious was the fact that these young girls revolved their lives around getting married.

I just don’t feel led to “seek out” or “pursue” a boyfriend or husband. A few other rules I have are: My moms mean a lot to me.

I say “moms” not because I’m being ghetto or using slang, but because I literally have two mothers!

I had roommate who would get up at in the morning to start her make-up process and her hair. Find out what God’s calling is on your life outside of marriage.

Her mind was constantly thinking about her appearance and how she was perceived by guys, because she was looking for a mate. I’ve heard some girls say, “God has called me to be a wife.” But I have a small problem with that. Marriage is about two people becoming life partners.

I told you how old I am because a lot of sistahs I’ve met lately are stressing that whole marriage thing. I don’t know why some women meet guys and get married right out of high school and why others of us marry much older in life.

They are 22 years old, single, and think the world is coming to an end because they are not married. But I can share with you what I do know and how I personally feel and deal with being a 28-year old, single woman of God. First of all, before I sound too spiritual or out of touch, let the truth be known that I want to be married, no doubt about it. God made Adam, and Genesis tells us that Adam was lonely so God made Eve, his partner. I hope this person is my best friend because I want my mate to be someone I can share my entire life with, and vise-versa.

On the contrary, I think that God continues to work on all of us, every day, married people and single people.