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There is no question that Arizona will be known from now on as the Valentine state.

and its online journal sites rests with the strengths of its community of authors, who provide cutting-edge research, incisive scientific commentary, and insights on what’s important to the scientific world.The article in the Arizona Weekly Star didn't even have a headline. Shortly after Morgan Earp was wounded in the shoulder, thought to be seriously. Holliday escaped unhurt with several bullet holes in his clothing. Announcement that the planet had been discovered, Dr. Dugan walked to the gallows unaided, asked if she had anything to say, she remained silent and someone said for her "She has nothing to say." She mounted the scaffold at and the trap was sprung immediately.If the Earps, Clantons and their respective companions had stopped there, Tombstone might not be a tourist site and dozens of movies and books would not exist. The streets immediately filled with resolute citizens, many of whom were armed with rifles and pistols. Slipher said, was not made until "we were absolutely sure of it."The Steward observatory, at the University of Arizona, was notified yesterday of the discovery of the new planet, the notification coming from Harvard observatory, after that institution had been told of the find by the Lowell astronomers, it was stated last night by Dr. Carpenter, assistant professor of astronomy at the university here. Mathis, Tucson rancher, paid the extreme penalty on the gallows this morning. As it fell, her head remained above the trap, while her body, completely severed, dropped below into a pool of blood.She had been shot and her face also had been crushed as though in a deliberate attempt to prevent identification.Clothing had been packed down on the bodies and photographs believed to be those of the victims were found.When the Arizonians and other gathered for the signing they faced a battery consisting of four moving picture machines and twelve cameras. Warden Lo Wright told the 60 witnesses who were waiting in the execution chamber that no one but himself would ever know who sprung the trap. Records at the United States Veterans hospital at Whipple Barracks, Prescott, Ariz., show Dr. Judd to have entered there September 10, 1930, and to have been discharged January 13, 1931. Judd signed her name, railroad officials said, to slips giving the value of the trunks as "B. Mc Kinnell, 201 Pinchot street," leaving the blank for the city not filled. " and she replied "Phoenix."There is no Pinchot street in Phoenix.__________NAME OF CONSIGNEE NOT MADE PUBLICLOS ANGELES, Oct.

The president signed the bill with a gold pen which he later presented to Postmaster General Hitchcock, who was so largely instrumental in securing statehood for Arizona. Bodies, one of them dismembered, were found in trunks at a train station in Los Angeles. He gave his address at that time as 823 Seventeenth street, Santa Monica, Calif., but asked that in case of emergency "Mrs. Linwood street, Phoenix," be notified.__________LOS ANGELES, Oct. 19.—(AP)— Dismembered bodies of two women of undetermined age and identity were found tonight by police at the Southern Pacific Railroad station. They had been shipped yesterday morning from "the Southeast," police said.A golf ball has dimples on its surface to increase the efficiency of airflow over it and let it fly further.Why isn't the skin of aircraft and cars similarly dimpled? Runners have long debated the difference between training on a treadmill and training on solid ground.Her face had been beaten in and was unrecognizable.The other, whose body had been hacked into pieces, was younger, apparently about 20 years old, and had red hair.This is how the Arizona Daily Star reported the proclamation on the front page February 15, 1912: By R. I hope to see the valleys of the new state teeming with prosperity and afford homes to many thousands of people," said President Taft, as he turned to Delegate Cameron, after signing the proclamation admitting Arizona to the sisterhood of states. The planet is out of the range of the human eye entirely, and its being found with a telescope on a brilliantly moonlit night would be a difficult task. 21, 1930, Eva Dugan was hanged in Florence for the murder of A. Dugan's waist and announced that a half hour earlier they had found a bottle of poison in her cell. Dugan will be buried in the little prison graveyard southeast of the tall penitentiary walls. She shook hands with each of them and seemed to bear no resentment toward any. Grimm told the Associated Press tonight he carried two trunks which Southern Pacific officials said were checked to Los Angeles and which were found to contain the bodies of two women, to the railroad station in Phoenix Sunday afternoon. She told him, Grimm related, that she was going to Los Angeles to join her husband whom, Grimm said, he understands is a physician. Judd told Grimm, he continued, that the reason the trunks were so heavy was that they contained books. Judd, he said, was employed as secretary to a physician at the Grunow clinic. Judd had lived in an apartment belonging to Grimm for about a month.

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