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And even if he didn’t have guilt over it, he wants to do good in the world. So it’s not like people are going to be opening up their doors to let him do good and to trust him necessarily…Being a corporate lawyer isn’t his idea of doing good. Then he gets caught up in watching Rachel and trying to help Leonard Bailey and that case, and once that’s over, that’s when he says to Rachel, “Harvey offered me a job.” [In the next episode], he’s got to decide, is he going to [accept the position] or is he not going to do it, and what consequences is that going to have on his life and Harvey’s life?

When he gave the speech to the jury in Episode 515, I think, [he said] he was given a gift and he wasted it, and he was ashamed of himself. What’s going on in his mind is he’s gotten out of prison early and he didn’t maybe pay his full dues for the crime that he committed.On both their behalf, as I said, there is some reaction that is as you would expect it, but then there’s a small twist to that, and it leads to another chapter at the end of [Episode] 611.TVLINE Mike wasn’t quick to jump on Harvey’s offer to become a consultant for the firm.Why was it important to you to write her exit in that way, rather than her going out in some sort of power struggle?When a character like Jessica is going to leave the show, to me, it’s got to be by her own choice, unless we’re just going to destroy the firm.For a number of reasons, we ended up not going that way….

Ultimately, the network was not on board with that.

“I don’t think it is the last we’ll see of Jessica,” he says, adding, “If it were up to me, I would never say goodbye to Jessica until the end of the show.” As for the character’s choice to pack up and start a new chapter in her life, “I wanted [Jessica] to leave on her own terms, and I feel like that’s what [she] did,” Korsh explains.

“I think that’s the only way she Below, Korsh details what led to Torres’ departure and reveals the killer ending he almost went with for her swan song.

But to me, at its core, Harvey had a very significant person in his life leave.

He actually took it pretty well in the moment that it happened.

After successfully defending death-row inmate Leonard Bailey, Jessica (Gina Torres) remembered what it was that drove her to become a lawyer in the first place: her desire to help people.

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