Dating hillerich bradsby bats

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Before 1961, the "2" was aligned between the "&" and the "B" in "BRADSBY" (see above). At some point in 1964, the text under the center label was eliminated in favor of a ® following the word "SLUGGER" inside the oval.A new version of "Powerized" also appeared, sans the looping "d." However, some bats were made that combined the new version of "Powerized" with the old text under the center label. Another variation featured the old version of "Powerized" with the looping "d" combined with the new center label that featured the ® after "SLUGGER" and no text under the oval.

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Below I will leave a link to a Louisville Slugger Bat dating guide showing different eras of bats.You can match these with the logo on your bat to get an approximate date for your Louisville Slugger bat. Some bats have an H& B brand in the oval trademark, rather than Louisville Slugger.The H& B brand denotes a lower grade and lower priced retail bat.This label period is maybe the easiest to identify of any because H&B replaced "Powerized" with a special logo commemorating America's Bicentennial.However, there was another key change as H&B stopped stamping model numbers into the knob.The center label didn't really change in 1950, but the text under the label did (see below), as did the look of the word "Powerized," which now featured flatter lightning bolts. The barrel stamping was unchanged, with "GENUINE" above the player's name and "LOUISVILLE SLUGGER" below. Another slight change is that the "2" in "125" now is aligned directly above the "&".

Note that the "R" in "Reg." now is aligned directly under the "U" in "Louisville" and that the second "F" in "OFF." now is aligned under the comma.Flame Tempered is a process of drying and hardening the wood with lower grade baseball bats.If your bat reads "Flame tempered it is a store model bat.You can match these with the logo on your bat to get an approximate date for your Louisville Slugger bat. in the 1993 edition of Baseball Encyclopedia and found only one entry for a player whose last name was Maranville and that was Rabbit Maranville.The documentation on the link page has the name spelled Rabbitt.Many collectors combine this label period with the previous one, categorizing bats as being from the 1965-1972 era.