Eurasian dating

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Eurasian dating

As the Asia Times reported on 13 May: As much as [the project] will act as a boost to economies from Bangladesh to Egypt and Myanmar to Tajikistan, it is also a far-reaching economic-free trade-investment plan that will open up markets for Chinese technology and merchandise.And with this comes priceless geopolitical reach for China.

The case of America American universities are still the main attraction for Chinese students and US institutions enrolled 330,000 Chinese last year or nearly one in three of the total.In the US, the Department of Commerce reports that international students contributed more than US billion to the economy in 2015 up from US billion the year before.In its 2016 Bluebook Report on Chinese Studying Abroad, Chinas Center for China and Globalization says the number of Chinese undergraduates in the US now exceeds that of Chinese graduate enrolments.Brain drain easing While China is the world's largest source of foreign students, the number of Chinese studying abroad who opt to return home has also been steadily increasing in recent years.Statisticscompiled by Chinas Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security indicate that a record high of 432,500 returnees arrived back in China last year, drawn by the booming Chinese economy.That compares with 166,000 students from India, the second largest supplier of foreign students.

According to the US Institute of International Educations Open Doors report for 2015-16, the number of international students enrolled in US higher education increased by 7% from the previous year to more than one million for the first time.

A 2015 study, carried out by economists at the UK consultancy Pw C and the business lobby London First, found that international students made a net contribution of 2.3 billion (US billion) a year to the UK economy in London alone and supported 70,000 jobs in the capital.

The economic contribution of students from China comprised a significant proportion of that sum.

Of the five million international students studying higher education courses outside their own countries, one in four are from just one country: China.

But now most Chinese studying abroad are returning home the outbound-to-return ratio has risen to 82% over the past four years, compared to one in three returnees a decade earlier and China is attracting hundreds of thousands of foreign students to its shores.

And as reported by University World News, Chinas drive to attract more international students to its universities is paying off, with nearly 400,000 students from overseas studying in China in 2015, according to official figures.

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