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But, overall, growing up in a father-absent home is a major risk factor for depression in teen girls, while having an involved father is linked to fewer psychological problems.

I had difficulty trusting, and I stayed too long in unhealthy relationships because I was so afraid to let go. In fact, most of the episodes of depression I’ve had in my life involved the end of a relationship.Fathers react to hidden video footage of their daughters being catcalled in broad daylight in New York City. ►► CONNECT WITH THE SCENEWeb: Twitter: Scene Video Google : The Scene Instagram: ABOUT THE SCENEYour go-to source for the best digital videos curated from around the globe.The Scene features a mix of comedy, celebrity, sports, music, fashion, and documentary.Like most little girls, my father was my first love.I adored everything about him, even how he smelled (like pine trees and lemons).I was always overjoyed to see him, but my happiness was marred by sadness because I knew we’d have to say goodbye too soon.

Even though I was too young to remember what full-time life with my father was like, those goodbyes hurt so much.I can see that same need for fatherly affirmation in my daughter. D., professor of education and adolescent psychology at Wake Forest University, has been studying father-daughter relationships for more than a decade and even teaches a college course on the topic.When she gets a new haircut or wants to show off a new dress, she runs to my husband first. She says that a present, involved father builds up his daughter’s self-confidence by consistently encouraging her and teaching her that she does not need a man to make her valuable.Just like me, my daughter thinks her dad is the smartest, best-looking, and best-smelling man she knows.One day when she looks for a mate, she will likely compare every young man to him.My father’s opinion mattered to me a lot when I was growing up, and his absence, especially during my teen years when he moved overseas for a job, meant that I could not always turn to him for the affirmation I needed.

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