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[tags: Through the Tunnel Doris Lessing Essays] - The Importance of the Omniscient Point of View in Through the Tunnel In the short story "Through the Tunnel", Doris Lessing describes the adventure of Jerry, a young English boy trying to swim through an underwater tunnel.

These stories are: “Through the Tunnel,” “Two Kinds,” and “The Censors.” The main characters are: Jerry of “Through the Tunnel,” Jing-Mei of “Two Kinds,” and Juan of “The Censors.” In all three of these stories, the main characters are trying to achieve something. Jing-Mei wants to rebel against her mother, who wants her to become a child prodigy.Throughout the years, we have successfully resolved numerous claims involving the Stabili Trak system where clients have received repurchases, new vehicles or significant monetary compensation. If your Stabili Trak problems result in repetitive trips to the shop, it is very important that you speak to a Lemon Law Attorney who can steer you toward recovery.If your Stabili Trak light comes on, you must get your vehicle back to a General Motors authorized dealer as soon as possible and even if they claim they cannot duplicate the problem, you want to make sure you receive a repair invoice confirming the appointment. While General Motors has been making phenomenal strides with many of their vehicles, we consistently see one problem plaguing the GM line, affecting a number of models such as the Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet Equinox, GMC Acadia, GMC Sierra, GMC Savannah, GMC Canyon, Buck Enclave, Cadillac Escalade, and Cadillac SRX.The Stabili Track problem stems from the Stabili Trak electronic stability control system.We know several instances of distressed drivers who are having their TRAC, STAB, ABS light and engine lights either going on one at a time or simultaneously.

If these lights appear, it generally means these important safety features are being disabled.

"Brothers are the Same" about a boy named Temas trying to prove he was tough and could be called an adult.

In a similar situation in "Through the Tunnel" a young boy named Jerry is determined to go through an underwater tunnel that he saw some older French boys go through.

By using this point of view, the author is able to describe the setting of the story, give a detailed description of the characters, and make the theme visible....

[tags: Through the Tunnel Essays] - In the short story “Through the Tunnel” by Doris Lessing a young boy named Jerry takes on the risky challenge of swimming through a narrow and long underwater tunnel on his holiday at the beach.

At first, the dealer said they could not duplicate the Stabili Trak problems, but after much persistence, they agreed the steering angle sensor was defective and it has been replaced.

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