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Free sex chat for free of cost at bangalore

At 5 pm, they go for a walk either to the market or to the Dadar beach nearby.Patil then takes her afternoon nap while Ghag finishes college assignments or reads a book from the older woman’s collection.“It works both ways.

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Once a senior citizen signs up, a volunteer will come over once every few days and just talk to him or her, take the person to a wedding or party or to the doctor, go to the bank or shop for groceries so he/she doesn’t have to go alone.Often, they just read to the senior citizen, play puzzles or board games, help the client pass time. “We are still coming to terms with a concept as new as this,” admits Subhadra Upadhyay, 88, whose son signed her up with The Family Member in Ahmedabad four months ago.“But we had to be practical, because Bhavesh has his own family to take care of,” she adds.She is a widow and her three daughters lived in not far from her home.College student Nutan Ghag spends four hours a day with Chhaya Patil, 80, solving puzzles and reading to her at her Mumbai home.Subhadra has a weak heart and a fractured foot that has left her partially immobile, which makes it difficult for her to accompany her son and daughter-in-law to family events or on holidays.

Often, they would have to cancel, or at least one of them stay home with her, she says.Prices range from Rs 150 for 1.5 hours to Rs 20,000 a month for multiple weekly visits and help with errands.“We’re less than a year old and already have about 25 clients and eight volunteers,” says TFM founder Piyush Vayeda.“It’s been a success,” says Prasad Bhide, who set up Mumbai-based Aaji Care in 2012.“We get at least three new clients every month and are planning to expand to Pune.” There’s also Samvedna Senior Care, set up in Delhi in 2013, and First Seniors set up in 2008; in Pune, Maya Care was launched in 2009.“We aim to keep seniors independent,” says Pratyusha Pinnali, head of marketing for Maya Care.“We also try and fill in for their children to keep their loneliness at bay.” All volunteers are cleared after police verification; details are sent to the subscriber in advance.Care givers acknowledge that there is really no substitute for family.

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