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Facebook seemed to understand the stakes were high."After reports of foreign interference in the run-up to the US and French presidential elections, we also worked closely with German officials on a number of initiatives to fight disinformation and make Facebook a safer and more secure environment for genuine civic engagement," Richard Allan, VP of Public Policy EMEA at Facebook Ireland, wrote in a blog post.

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To say that Facebook has an image problem in Germany, where it has 28 million users, is a staggering understatement.A transition period lasting until January 1, 2018, is meant to give companies time to figure out how to comply.Predictably, internet-freedom advocates and Facebook representatives worry that by incentivizing companies to take down content in order to avoid large fines, the law will have a chilling effect on freedom of expression, and Facebook claims that the new legislation violates European Union law. German Justice Minister Heiko Maas, who introduced the law, heralded it as “the end of the internet law of the jungle,” a position that a large majority of Germans share: 70 percent of them support the effort, while only 26 percent reported concern that it would threaten freedom of expression, according to an April poll.Facebook continues to be scrutinized over how disinformation shared on Facebook can influence elections.In April, the company released a paper describing "information operations" during the 2016 U. presidential election and provided details on how people could use Facebook to manipulate public opinion. Zuckerberg also said last week the company plans to make political advertising more transparent. influenced the election in any way is a pretty crazy idea," Zuckerberg said at a conference in November.Unlawful content is defined as anything that violates Germany’s Criminal Code, which bans incitement to hatred, incitement to crime, the spread of symbols belonging to unconstitutional groups, and more.

But what makes content “manifestly” illegal is left up to human—or algorithmic—judgment.Facebook said last week it would give Congress information about 3,000 ads that ran in the U. Facebook will double the size of the team working on election integrity and add more than 250 people to focus on security and safety. The continued focus on fake news and elections differs from what Zuckerberg initially said after the U. Harris Media, the Austin-based political consultancy that the Af D hired to increase its social-media presence, took advice from Facebook employees in Berlin before the election and developed digital ads targeting Germans whose social-media usage made them seem sympathetic to the Af D’s cause.And despite Facebook’s assurances, a Pro Publica investigation found that political advertisements of dubious origin that targeted the Green Party were still disseminated on the network., or the “Network Enforcement Law,” colloquially referred to as the “Facebook Law,” allows the government to fine social-media platforms with more than 2 million registered users in Germany—a club that includes giants such as Twitter, You Tube, Instagram, and Reddit—up to 50 million euros for leaving “manifestly unlawful” posts up for more than 24 hours. Then, as luck would have it, she meets the founder of a new social-media network in search of a “complicated user’s manual” for his creation.