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Barberiana, the term given to collectible items that have to do with shaving, encompasses razors from the earliest times to the present.However, a question often arises as to what actually is an antique.

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In 1847, an Englishman, William Henson, set the razor's blade perpendicular to the handle, and this style razor quickly became a huge success.

I think its really great that companies continue creating products specialized for head shavers.

The Skull Shaver is of those products that takes a traditional electric shaver and makes some modifications to the grip in order to be more ergonomically suited to shave your skull, dome, or whatever you want to call it a battery powered electric shaver to provide a clean bald look that can be used wet or dry.

With a hefty price tag of 0 the smart shaver comes in as the most expensive version they have available.

Same lithium ion batteries providing 90 minutes on a single charge.

Other razor collectors argue the definition of the word antique, and collect razors that may be considered vintage by some.

Yet all of these collectors have one thing in common, the love of collecting an important part of barberiana.That’s quite a bit less than the lower cost version.I’m guessing this has a bit more horsepower and the LCD display probably also sucks down the battery quicker.70 minutes is more than enough time for a complete shave and the lcd has lighted dots to keep you informed of how much of a charge is left.The company carries both men’s and women’s line, however this article will focus on the men’s shaver.I must admit it was a bit of a chore to understand all of the different models and the pros and cons of each.Early razors made of horn, flint or stone with bone handles have been excavated from these caves and scientifically carbon tested.

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