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Extractor was stuck after that with sooting in the area which took me a little while to figure out. Next round will taper crimp to .475 instead of .476 based on other reports. Jeff September 13, 2017 I expect that you are correct. I hope they continue this tradition at the Remington plant. Dave Smith May 20, 2017 Only one reason I subscribe to this channel, honesty and Jeff Quinn.

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I have been shooting and carrying a slab side off and on since I was 6.

As a Peace Officer I have been forced to carry the Glocks and I can not speak bad about their absolute reliability, but I will always have 1-2 good O'l American 1911 close at hand.

As far as history, I was pleased when Remington got back in the game but until lately I did not seriously consider owning one.

- "A NORMAL TAXPAYING LAW ABIDING AMERICAN" October 31, 2017 There are excellent aftermarket sights from XS and Trijicon that work well, or a good set of Crimson Trace grips will handle dark situations. jeff Just watched your video on the Remington 870 14'' Tactical firearm , out freaking standing! There isn't a bit of drag when cocking or shooting. (They are wood with a crack in the right one.) Now I have thought of having it engraved a few times, but the old war horse has more character than engraving job would give it.

I did not see your hand slip forward on the slide as in other videos I've seen. Just put one on lay away to get the rebate, can't wait to eliminate a pumpkin (watermelons are out of season in PA.) Frank October 30, 2017 I had no problem at all with that. To this day I still believe that it was the best spent .00 that I ever spent.

A ulta carry 3" and recently a Pro II 4" with Crimson Trace grips, both in .45 cal.. Pat November 26, 2017 Excellent choice, of both the pistol and the wife!

jeff I want my two S&W 65 -2 and 65-3 modified to accept moon clips. Scott Satterlee November 13, 2017 Contact Tom at TK Customs. https:// jeff Hello Jeff, Hope weather is good where you are. A while back I emailed you requesting you do a review of Hal's Pathfinder, I left out something.For an 0 MSRP gun, you'd think RIA would at least paint the front sight.That black sight would get lost in a dark defensive scenario. It was a tool to get dinner, Shoot a coyote, Pound in a nail in the fence ETC. The cylinder has some heavy scratches (deep marks on one side from sliding around on the floor of a truck ETC.Everything that you wrote about it covered all of the questions that I had as far as it's performance and reliability.The only downside that I can see is the plain black front sight.There are a few Reviewers that I respect and am very entertained by on You Tube and print as it seems we are like - minded (fir the most part).

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