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The couple’s highly-stylized Instagram pics feature everything from the two of them being adorable together, to dogs, and doughnuts. - via Instagram Full-time attorney and part-time model Julian Hernandez looks great without shirt, as you’ll see on his Instagram, but he’s never more appealing than when he and boyfriend Robb Marks share a sweet kiss or pose adorably together.- via Instagram Transgender activist and You Tuber Aydian Dowling and if you check out his Instagram page you’ll see plenty of reasons why he made the cover of Men’s Health magazine.

The intricate marble balustrade lined a second-floor walkway overlooking a courtyard.To help kick off this year's "IKEA catalog season", I've put together a list of the top ten new products that we've got our eye on here at Apartment Therapy, starting off with a cool modern take on the rocker.It's caned rattan on a steel frame in a big, bold, iconic shape...He and boyfriend Matt Mc Grath take the world by storm.- via Instagram Shannon and Cammie could not be cuter, which is just part of the reason that people love their You Tube channel “Now This Is Living.” Expect ridiculously sweet pics of this couple in love on their Instagram page.- via Instagram Writer and stand-up comic Lianna Carrera and After Ellen Editor-In-Chief Trish Bendix aren’t just cute, but they look like they’re always having a blast together.Follow Lianna on Instagram for pics of modern lesbian life.- via Instagram You Tuber Kat Blaque has done immeasurable work for trans visibility.Balustrades continue to be used today in a vast variety of shapes and materials, from simple wood posts to elaborate wrought-iron spindles, for both decorative and practical purposes.

When you take a trip to Europe, you'll inevitably encounter one of the hundreds of Gothic cathedrals that dot the landscape.Many of Hollywood's most famous have kept their private lives and spouses out of the spotlight.Perhaps these men, who quietly stand behind their famous wives and husbands, are the secret to their successful unions.Built during the 12th through 16th centuries, these medieval masterpieces were born out of the Romanesque movement, which saw churches designed with thick walls, round arches, and large towers.Gothic architecture, on the other hand, focused on height and light—despite being constructed from heavy stone, Gothic cathedrals seem to defy the laws of gravity.Traditional Vietnamese handcraft and modern Scandinavian style come together in a chair designed by Lisa Hilland.

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    Click a church unit name in the chart below for its history, boundaries, and availability of records, which are often in microfilm format Many of your ancestors may be found in court records as defendants, plaintiffs, witnesses, or jurors.