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Children learn to interact and co-operate in small groups and express different moods through songs, instruments and creative movement.

Colourstrings has been established in Finland for over 45 years and the rest of the world since the early 1990s with outstanding results.

Parents/carers learn to relax with their babies and together develop confidence while enjoying musical games, songs and rhymes with a strong pulse.

Tactile bouncing, songs, tickling and peekaboo games, lullabies, circle dances, rolling and seesaw activities all encourage babies to become aware of their bodies as they start to gain more control over their movements and to develop their language and communication skills through listening and hearing others sing.

The Tunbridge Wells branch of Brittens is now offering a new section of Music School Classes.

These Colourstrings classes are specially designed for babies, toddlers and children.

TINY RASCALS: Babies and pre-walking Colourstrings Music Kindergarten aims to provide a calm, gently guided musical experience for all to enjoy, giving you an opportunity to bond with your baby as you learn together.

Young babies eagerly respond to music when given the opportunity to experience it and the human voice is their preferred vehicle.

The children develop favourite songs, try out a variety of percussion instruments and meet Mummy and Baby Bear in Musicland.

The structure of the class helps keep things familiar and secure as well as giving a sense of discipline and routine.

Starting classes at this young age gives your baby an introduction and knowledge of rhymes and Colourstrings songs, giving them an excellent head start in encouraging speaking and singing when they are ready in later classes.

TODDLING RASCALS: Walking – 2 years At this age we aim to expose the children to as many different musical experiences as possible.

It is strongly recommended that any children new to Colourstrings starting this class purchase the Pentatonic book and CD (these are available at Brittens Music).

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