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The narrator dwells for a long time upon the abusive sexual part of the story and her submissive position within it.

Given that the author and the narrator are poets, there are inevitably poetic extracts weaved within the narration. The narrative itself, with its ebbs and flows, is poetic.

While the general themes are obvious, the narration is multi-layered. It’s like a stretched coil that returns to its original form once you let it go.

The overall theme of the novel is identity, which is then further broken down. The narrator and protagonist of the novel is Oksana, who has a lot in common with Zabuzhko, as she’s a poet, a teacher and an intellectual who has spent time in the States.

She recounts a major occurrence in her life: her tumultuous love affair with a troubled artist named Mykola.

Their relationship turns out to be emotionally and sexually difficult.

Kristina, an old brown bear with bad eyesight, was kept in a tiny cage in the back of a van before she was rescued by police and charity workers in Ukraine.

I was at a loss about which book to choose as, on the international scene, Ukrainian books are generally overshadowed by Russian ones.

The numerous dashes have also reminded me of poetry – the last time I have seen so many dashes, in fact, was when I read Emily Dickinson. The account of the narrator’s love story makes up the majority of the novel and it is displayed in the form of a public speech given by the narrator, as she’s presenting the results of her research (hence the ‘fieldwork’ in the book’s title – the woman’s life is the subject of her own research).

This framework, though, is not immediately clear because the narration jumps from the storytelling to further flashbacks to personal musings.

On my Goodreads To-Read list, I had saved a novel called (Ukranian) Author: Oksana Zabuzhko Translator: Halyna Hryn Publisher: Amazon Crossing Edition: 2011 (Kindle Edition) Pages: 170 Genre: women’s fiction, literary fiction, feminism Location: Ukraine / USA My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars became an international phenomenon when it shot to number one on the Ukrainian bestseller list and remained there throughout the 1990s.

The novel is narrated in first-person streams of thought by a sharp-tongued poet with an irreverently honest voice.

Several ideas or separate events conflate together, differentiated by brackets and tied together by several dashes.

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