Updating a verizon phone

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However, if your phone is 4G and has a SIM card, updating your roaming towers in this way can do more damage than good to your SIM card.If you own a Verizon 4G device, the update of the nearest towers is an automatic process, and you do not need to take any action to keep your phone updated.

In other words, when Google releases an update, Verizon phones will receive the same update at the same time (much like i OS updates).

Verizon Wireless is completely dismissing the idea that it will be slowing down future Android updates on Google's Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones.

Last week, Google revealed that although it's handling software and security updates for the devices, Verizon must certify them for carrier-sold Pixels before they can be rolled out to customers.

To manually update a 3G phone, dial *228 and press send.

Choose option 2 and wait for the message stating your phone has been updated successfully.

This service is available at any time, day or night.

After your phone updates -- or if you have to do it manually -- you will enjoy a longer battery life with fewer dropped calls.

Verizon says that this service will give you clear, crisp connections in more places in the United States.

Also, if you keep your phone updated, you will have the ability to connect to the digital network in more parts of the country.

This is why on a 4G phone, the PRL is updated frequently and on every reboot.

Examples of Verizon 4G Devices include, but are not limited to: Updating your phone is a free process and no airtime charges apply.

That at least raised the possibility that Verizon-sold Pixel phones might not get new Android features as soon as they're available for the Pixels that Google sells directly.