Updating sas datafiles

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Updating sas datafiles - date dating profile

Author: Rob Peck 12/18/85 parallel Demonstrates access to the parallel port.

Author: Unknown, but it is so hacked up it doesn't matter by now. Author: Mike Schwartz mandel A Mandelbrot set program.Author: Michael Mounier balls Simulation of the "kinetic thingy" with balls on strings where only the end balls move (quick, can YOU come up with a better description? Author Ken Yap ff A very fast text formatter, controlled exclusively by command line arguments. Useful, but does not have many of the features of the full make, much less the newer "augmented make". Used to bundle text file up into a single file for transmission as a unit, or otherwise handling as a single file.Compiles and links ok, but something in the Lattice C setjmp/longjmp code prevents it from currently running. Version 1.4 Author: David Betz CONTENTS OF DISK 4 ================== banner Prints horizontal banner (across screen). Author: Unknown bgrep Another grep like utility, also using the Boyer-Moore algorithm.Author: Roy Mongiovi and Arnold Robbins bison A replacement for unix "yacc" command.Currently does not compile under Lattice C Ver3.02 and does not link under Lattice C Ver3.03.

Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85 print.support Printer support routines.

This is from the GNU (GNU is Not Unix) effort, and was obtained from the Free Software Foundation.

Compiles and links (with some effort) but currently crashes the machine. Author: Bob Corbett and Richard Stallman bm A grep like utility using the Boyer-Moore algorithm.

Currently won't compile, missing a header file "local.h".

Author: unknown proctest Sample code to create a process, set up message ports, pass messages, etc.

Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85 joystick Shows how to set up the gameport device as a joystick.

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