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Visiting villages is a big part of what makes sailing the world so interesting.In many of these villages people live a basic subsistence life and Rice enjoyed helping out by offering his mechanical skills. When the wind arrived, Rice called to say that he was shutting off his engines and changing direction to make the best of the wind.

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It seemed impossible that a flood of water could enter through that hole, especially in calm weather.In February 2009 he set off across the South Pacific with an old friend named Bill Mc Cue.“John liked to sail hard and fast,” Mc Cue says, “but he was a sensible sailor who knew what his boat could do and sailed accordingly.” After reaching Australia, Rice continued to upgrade his boat., a robust 0,000 yacht crewed by owner John Rice and French Canadian crewmember Guillaume Gosselin, was sailing in calm conditions just three miles behind a second boat, 20 miles off Maumere, Indonesia. John Rice spent his life on the water, and the was a labor of love.He spent 18 years building and perfecting the steel boat in California and Mexico, dreaming of the day when he could sail her around the world.Gosselin says he spotted were looking for a large grey boat – not a man – in a sea that’s infamous for the amount of plastic garbage found floating in it.

He tried to swim to a nearby island – but the strong currents in the area made it impossible. “All that time,” he says, “I was wondering if somehow the current could drag me close enough to the land so I could survive.” It didn’t.

Anchorages can be hard to find in Indonesia; the sea is very deep and often drops off abruptly from the rocky shoreline leaving no shallow patches for an anchor to be set into. Rice was a playful sailor and Hass thought perhaps he’d sped on ahead to prove how quickly he could sail. Cruising sailors are an independent bunch and it’s not unusual for one boat to alter their plans as a trip goes on. Or perhaps he’d decided to choose another anchorage and then found his radio signal wouldn’t reach was a well-found boat with all the essential safety equipment aboard including lifejackets, flares and a handheld Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB), as well as a life raft, separate wall-mounted EPIRB and survival provisions.

There was no reason to think the boat and her crew were anywhere but safe in a harbor.

But still, after just over a day without hearing from Rice, the Hasses took the extra step of letting Rice’s family know they’d lost contact.

Then the Hasses pet dog became gravely ill and they were forced to speed ahead to Singapore for vet treatment.

She realized that because of some adverse current it might be difficult for the boats, which were averaging five or six knots, to reach the anchorage by dusk. call Rice still seemed ornery, so the Hasses opted to steer toward the nearby island of Pomana, to see if the steep-sided volcanic shoreline might offer a protected anchorage for an early night.

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