Validating device

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The three parts are: A complete advanced rule looks similar to this: (left Parameter binary Operator "Right Constant"), where the opening and closing parenthesis are optional for the entire binary expression, double quotes are optional as well, only required for the right constant when it is string, and the syntax for the left parameter is

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It is a recommended practice to test the new membership rule beforehand to make sure that the new membership in the group is as expected.The following are examples of a properly constructed advanced rule: For the complete list of supported parameters and expression rule operators, see sections below.For the attributes used for device rules, see Using attributes to create rules for device objects.Error in regular expression used with -match(Principal Name -match ".*@domain.ext"), alternatively: (Principal Name -match "@domain.ext$") Multi-value properties are collections of objects of the same type.You can use -any and -all operators to apply a condition to one or all of the items in the collection, respectively.This feature requires an Azure AD Premium P1 license for each user member added to at least one dynamic group.

It is not mandatory to actually assign licenses to users for them to be members in dynamic groups, but you do need to have the minimum number of licenses in the tenant to cover all such users.

Tip Group creation may fail if the advanced rule you entered was incorrect.

A notification will be displayed in the upper-right hand corner of the portal; it contains an explanation of why the rule could not be accepted by the system.

In the meantime, you can use Power Shell cmdlets as shown below.

Warning When changing an existing static group to a dynamic group, all existing members will be removed from the group, and then the membership rule will be processed to add new members.

Read it carefully to understand how you need to adjust the rule to make it valid.

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