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“It was great for the role because that’s how the characters are put together in the movie.” So basically their love was real (platonic love, but still love).Excuse us as we go watch the movie again for old time’s sake and for love’s sake.

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Once that was done and I didn't screw up, I was kind of welcomed into the group. TV Guide Magazine: You've done a stint as the frontman for punk band The Germs — what is it with actors wanting to be rock stars?

West: I hate to discredit the myths, but on this tour, the fans were, like, true fans of the music.

It wasn't Mötley Crüe and Poison, where women with fake [body parts] were coming up to you. TV Guide Magazine: In your industry, is it possible to meet women in a normal way?

He was just the perfect partner for that." West was just as thrilled about his co-star as she was.

“It was kind of perfect the way we came into the project because she was coming from this pop background at that time — she had her song “Candy,” and a role in the Princess Diaries — and for me I was into punk rock and so it was like completely opposites attract, or opposites are forced together to work,” West said.

Comparing real high school years to reel high school was an easy assignment for the young stars of the new film “A Walk to Remember,” actress-singer Mandy Moore, 17, and TV’s “Once and Again” actor Shane West, 23, reports PEOPLE.

Said West on the subject: “I was never that bad of a kid. I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in a great, huge southern family that kept me on my toes .

I absolutely walked away from that project so convinced that there would never be a project as special as that. I didn’t know what I was doing and he’d done movies and he was on a critically acclaimed TV show.

He had a lot of respect as an actor and I was just the total newbie.

In a concert, you know if you're good or bad right away — you're not seeing your performance later and thinking, "Oh, great. [That's why] actors date each other — but most of us are mental, so that shouldn't be happening at all.

That sucked, and for an entire year I thought it was pretty good." TV Guide Magazine: Any wild stories about touring? The understanding is great, the emotional attachment is amazing...

(Owen was responsible for killing Nikita's fiance Daniel and was attracted to the former Division asset.) West was adamant that Owen and Nikita (Maggie Q) could during a winter Television Critics Assoc. West brought up the death of Daniel as exhibit A: "Basically, you can't make a relationship out of that. If they hadn't written that, then that would be different.