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In the new image, Chyna was still in hair and makeup from the Miami shoot for Nicki Minaj's new music video for Rake It Up. He rose to fame as part of the group 4EY The Future. She has since taken out a restraining order on him.Together Rob and Chyna have daughter Dream, aged eight months.

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For people to actually look up to me really means a lot. Also in the interview, the looker made it clear she never used Rob for his money.'I make my own money.Chyna played Nicki's body double in Kanye West's Monster video in 2010.Also on Thursday Tyga gave a radio interview where he said he warned Rob about Chyna, saying she was hard to handle.The blonde seemed very smitten with this new man, who wore a grey shirt and two gold chains as well as a nose ring.She cuddled up to him and drew him near, smiling the whole time. Things like Nanaimo bars, and Kermode bears, and Triple O sauce.

As evidence we present this list of 100 of the best things about living here, 100 things that make us stick out our chests with pride.

In the interests of clarity (and controversy), we'd like to propose that the honour belongs to BC.

For the sake of argument (any list of the 100 best things about BC had better start with those words!

), these are some of our reasons, based on a combined 88 years of living here, the last 10 of which we have spent compiling the Encyclopedia of BC.

During the time we worked on the EBC we were reminded every day of a new "best thing" about BC, so it was a challenge to pick an even 100 and call them the best. We're ready for all the second guessing—in fact, we invite it.

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    By its primary dictionary definition, the term cult just means a system of religious beliefs or rituals.