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19-Dec-2017 16:10 by 2 Comments

Hotchat request - charmdating com

I started my personal domain and configured Gmail to use as mail server.

However, there was no "send a message" icon, and without that, I just decided to ignore the request -- though, all other things being equal, the idea of an attractive woman as a Facebook friend is not unattractive (!

At this point, government folks run just about neck and neck with students/former students as the largest category of my Facebook friends, and I really believe Facebook is a very easy-to-use, low-cost way to create social bonds among people who don't see each other all the time, which in the context of government can really be helpful in a world calling for more and more cross-organizational collaboration.

However, I think (not sure) I have discovered a very sophisticated Facebook scam, and wanted to warn blog readers about it -- and also ask if anybody else has been hit by the same thing.

You may have been asked to confirm or provide current address and contact details.

This request would have been sent to you as part of our process to ensure that your details are correct and up to date.

In the instance that the information provided on the Account Information Request form does not match our client records, we will be contacting you to follow the standard procedures to amend any false information. If you are a Power of Attorney please ensure to complete an Account Information Request form for yourself and the account holder. The information that Jarvis Investment Management Ltd holds about you is confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than in connection with the provision of the Service.

Information of a confidential nature will be treated as such provided that such information is not already in the public domain.

I have been recently developing a distributed, easy to install and easy to use chat-messaging platform with Play Framework and Akka.

The main challenge when developing such a distributed messaging platform, is the synchronization of the data among the instances and in case of Akka, sharing data between actors that are on different instances or JVMs.

Many Gmail users may be unaware of this feature or how to use them properly.

Blog readers will know that I am a real Facebook fan, and it has been just amazing to see the spread of Facebook among folks working in the government (and in the tech industry serving government).

You can specify all your account numbers on the Account Information Request form. If you have a joint account both individuals will need to complete separate Account Information Request forms. If you have a designated account please ensure to complete the Account Information Request form as per the account holder’s details, not the designated individuals. If you are the registered contact on a minor’s JISA, you must complete the Account Information Request form as per your personal details.