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For example, someone who is assigned male at birth may identify as female, but not have a safe space to express their feminine gender identity.

Especially today, there is a lot more awareness of and support for the different ways that people express gender. It includes physical expressions such as person’s clothing, hairstyle, makeup, and social expressions such as name and pronoun choice.

The analytic sample comprised 7,001 men aged 18 or older who reported lifetime male sex partners and oral or anal sex with a male partner in their most recent encounter within the past year.

MSM was recruited from gay-oriented sexual networking, chat and news websites.

LCA enabled us to identify underlying patterns of sexual functioning among this sample of MSM recruited online.

Future research should investigate these distinct subgroups with SD symptoms in order to develop tailored treatments and counseling for SD.

We now know that there are more than two genders, that gender does not always match a person’s assigned sex at birth, and that gender can change over time.

For many people, their gender identity is the same as their biological sex.

SD in MSM has been associated with physical and mental health problems, substance use, and HIV [3,6–11].

Questions relating to the four phases of sexual response from Masters and Johnson[12,13] have been the basis for clinical diagnoses of SD in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM 4th Edition, Text Revision) [14], and have also been used in prevalence studies of SD symptoms such as the National Health and Social Life Survey (NHSLS) [15].

– their own internal sense and personal experience of gender.

Only the individual can determine their own gender identity.

Or, someone may play with gender expression for theatrical purposes, such as dressing in male drag for drag king show, but still identify as female.

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