Old wood effect radiocarbon dating

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A recent re-analysis of New Zealand's corpus of radiocarbon determinations from the Rafter Laboratory at the IGNS has suggested that problems associated with inbuilt age of wood had created spuriously old dates which needed to be culled with the help of a discard protocol.

Even though other items in the same stratum indicate earlier dates, they may have been deposited at the same time.

Numerous reports of successful radiocarbon dating of cremated bones have emerged during the last decade.

The success of radiocarbon dating cremated bones depends on the temperature during burning and the degree of recrystallisation of the inorganic bone matrix.

Its major source of error has been 'inbuilt', or 'presample' age (Mc Fadgen, 1982).

This may be the result of growth age; in which the age of dead wood in the centre of the living tree is dated, or storage age; which refers to the amount of time elapsed from the death of the tree to its use by people (Mc Fadgen, 1982).

An attempt to correlate the Mayan Long count with secular time resulted in two different interpretations; the Goodman-Thompson-Martinez correlation and the Spinden correlation.

The two differed by 260 years at the crucial Julian year of 1539, when one of the main Mayan cycles ended, and radiocarbon dating was used to try and solve which was correct.According to him, the dates were erroneous because they failed to date the event of the building of the temple.Subsequent investigations into the dating of the Mayan Long Count focussed on dating exterior bark and samples from smaller vault beams, and it was found that the Thompson correlation was the correct interpretation when inbuilt age was negligible (Coe, 19).Won't someone please take pity on me, and send in just one plain old tree. A Rafter in Procs 6th international Radiocarbon Conf, Pullman, 1965. The quote given above illustrates the preference that radiocarbon daters have had with dating wood and wood charcoal materials.These materials are the most widely used material in radiocarbon dating.In the late 1950's, the issue of presample age was identified as a causal factor in the difficulties encountered in accurately cross-dating the Julian calendar with that of the Yucatan Maya of Lowland Mexico.

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