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She graduated from West Jefferson High School in Harvey, Louisiana, where she was a cheerleader. In 2004, she moved to Chicago where she was hired as midday-hour DJ at radio station Power 92 WPWX-FM, and was known as "The Midday Mami".

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However, her 3-years of courtship with Tyrese Gibson from 2003 till 2006 haven’t followed any serious relationship till date regardless of the rumors raised with Michael Misick in 2008, Bruno Mars in 2011 and Edddie Murphy in 2012.

At this time, her busy life also might be a reason for her singlehood.

Just after high-school graduation, Diaz while seeking for the entrance to her career in media world got a job of host on a radio station named as The Beat 97.9.

Moreover to her commitment to healthy lifestyle for herself and also for her community, she has also advocated the campaigns of PETA.

When not giving time to her broadcasting profession and even for charitable deeds, adventurous woman, Diaz indulges in her hobby of travelling by visiting several countries throughout the globe.

Her enthusiasts can also follow her on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

A week or two ago, I noticed this hot new Latina bombshell reporting for ET here in Los Angeles.

Emmy-winning correspondent and television host, Rocsi Diaz carries her veteran broadcasting chops to her varieties of shows on worldwide network.

Sharing the information relating on various subjects via varieties of shows in global viewed television network, she has established her name in international level.

In addition to the hosting duties, she is a tireless philanthropist and supporter of various charities.

She has been collecting fund through her own charitable foundation, Roc Star Foundation for refurbishing or building the schools which were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

Within no more time of her entry in The Beat, she cultivated street-smart and unique style that grabbed the attention of many people along with several radio stations in the city.

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