Xcode folder reference not updating

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Xcode folder reference not updating - Video chat xxx directo

Upgrading cocos2d-iphone is a recurring issue for many developers but since it happens so infrequently during the lifecycle of a project, there’s just no routine to follow.Eventually you might want to upgrade cocos2d-iphone, so the question arises: how do you do that with the least amount of trouble?

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However, once you’ve made any change to any Build Setting at the target level this Build Setting will no longer inherit changes made to the same Build Setting on the project level.You want to make sure they’re set exactly as in the screenshot below.Most importantly, when adding files Xcode will default to add the files to the project’s main target (in this case Doodle Drop) instead of the cocos2d libraries target.Tip: If you prefer drag and drop you can just drag the selected folders from one Finder window to another onto your project’s libs folder.This may be easier to do but you should remember to hold down the Option key while dropping so that you actually copy the folders instead of moving them.You also want to make sure you’ve upgraded to Xcode 4 by now, by installing the i OS 4.3 (or later) SDK, if you haven’t done so already.

In your project’s folder, in this case Doodle Drop03, select all folders in the libs folder and delete them without mercy: You’ll end up with an empty libs folder.Make sure that only the cocos2d libraries target is selected to avoid any build errors: You should now try and build the project.If you’re lucky, there won’t be any errors and you can continue with your work.By first deleting all libraries you can be sure that no “zombie files” exist which are no longer used but might still be compiled when you later re-add the libraries.Such zombie files would screw up the build process and generate errors like “Duplicate defined symbols” and other such mishaps.Note the difference in capitalization of the letter D.